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First Name Last Name Chapter Title Email Phone Number
Adam Carper Iowa President adamc@dcigroup-us.com Edit
James Bucher Iowa President Elect jbucher@tsargent.com Edit
Carl Duffy Iowa Secretary / Treasurer carl.duffy@bergankdv.com Edit
Mat Degroote Iowa VP Programming mat_degrotte@ajg.com Edit
Adam Tillman Iowa Past President / VP / Member at Large adam.tillman@bergankdv.com Edit
Tim McCulloh Iowa VP Membership tmcculloh@holmesmurphy.com Edit
Rod Foster Iowa VP / Member at Large rod.foster@rsmus.com Edit
Lorie Kane Iowa VP / Member at Large lld@pmiiowa.com Edit
Ryan Reed Iowa VP / Member at Large ryan.reed@eldercorp.com Edit
Jeff Charlson Iowa VP / Member at Large charlsonj@neumannbros.com Edit